16-18 January 2019
Europe/Berlin timezone

A tutorial satellite event will precede on 16 Jan:

  • Physical optics simulations with Sirepo
  • Experiment Control with Python: ophyd/Bluesky

The 17 Jan - 18 Jan Workshop will encompass

  • Coordination of mechatronic instruments and detectors. This could be
    • hardware (e.g. PanDa box)
    • software (scan)
    • synchronisation (trigger)
  • Coordination of motor actions (sample, slit, mirror, grid, ID gap, shift)
  • Device representation (simulation, model, hardware unit), device grouping
  • Functional units resembling physical properties (energy, focus, resolution)
  • Software frameworks (flow control, alarm, archiving, process tuning)
  • Data analysis (evaluation, representation, quality assurance)
  • Work breakdown (co-operations, contractors, commercial partners)
Analysis of sample properties and the probing process is omitted here.

The format will be plenary talks and poster presentations.

The program is developed with guidance of

D. Allan (NSLS II)
D. Flath (SLAC)
M. Heron (Diamond)
A. Jankowiak (HZB)
M. Janousch (PSI)
V. Hardion (MAX IV)
O.-P. Sauer (HZB)
J. Viefhaus (HZB)

The Workshop covers the following topics:
Preceding Satellite Event: Hands on tutorials
Tutorials on Sirepo and Bluesky

Experiment Controls Architecture Options
General Platform Choices, Components, Connectivity

Software Stacks
Toolkits, layers on top of base Frameworks EPICS, TANGO

Beamline Simulation and Tuning tools
Modelling, support of process control

Task synchronization methods
Coordination, trigger, fly modes

Collaborations, partners
Co-developments, common platforms, workgroup communities, commercial contractors