16-20 September 2013
Magnus-Haus of the German Physical Society
Europe/Berlin timezone
Monday  08:30 Registration  
  09:45 Welcome  
  10:00 Molecular dynamics 1  
    Martin Wolf / FHI Dynamical Pathways in Multidimensional Landscapes at Molecule/Metal Interfaces
    Henry Chapman / CFEL/DESY Solving Protein Structures by Enhanced Anomalous X-ray Diffraction at High-Intensity
    Martina Dell' Angela /Elettra Real-Time Observation of Surface Bond Breaking with an X-ray Laser
    Kiyoshi Ueda / U Tohoku SACLA: new opportunities for atomic, molecula and cluster science with XFEL
  12:40 Lunchtime snacks on-site  
  13:30 Quantum materials 1  
    Bernhard Keimer / MPI FKF Polarized photons meet correlated electrons
    Patrick Kirchmann / SIMES/SLAC Ultrafast electronDynamics in the Topological Insulator Compound Bi2Se3
    Bo Shi /U Amsterdam Phase separation in complex oxides: RTiO3
    Nele Thielemann-Kühn /HZB Nonmagnetic linear dichroism in fluorescence spectra of cubic solids
    Christoph Trabant /HZB Ultrafast dynamics in antiferromagnetic materials
  17:45 Welcome reception at the TV-tower   
Tuesday  09:30 Molecular dynamics 2  
    Vittal Yachandra / LBNL Taking Snapshots of Photosynthetic Water Oxidation: Towords Time-Resolved X-ray Spectroscopy and Crystallography
    Jens Rehanek /HZB Reflection zone plates for RIXS and partial fluorescence yield XAS
    Michael Odelius/Ustockholm Ab initio simulations of X-rays probing ultra-fast dynamics
    Oriol Vendrell /CFEL/DESY Nuclear and electronic dynamics triggered by photoionization
    Pankaj K. Mishra /CFEL/DESY Ultrafast Energy Transfer to Liquid Water by Short and Intense THz Pulses
    Zheng Li /CFEL/DESY Quantum beating from coherent electron hole dynamics
  2:35 Lunchtime snacks on-site  
  13:30 Hot topics 1  
    Andrea Cavalleri /CFEL/MPSD Controlling the quantum phase of solids with strong THz pulses
    Oliver Kühn / U Rostock Ab initio view on soft X-ray spectroscopy
    Svante Svensson /U Uppsala Measuring electron momenta, electron energy and time using the ARTOF instrument and Beamlines at BESSY II
Wednesday  09:30 Quantum materials 2  
    Andreas Scherz / XFEL New directions with coherent diffraction spectroscopy using XFELs
    Matias Bargheer / UPotsdam Examples of Ultrafast X-ray Diffraction Experiments: Synchrotron vs. Laser-Plasma Sources
    Daniel Schick / UPotsdam Photoinduced Lattice Dynamics in BiFeO3 monitored by Femtosecond X-ray Diffraction
    Ilie Radu / HZB Engineering Ultrafast Magnetism
  11:30 lunch break  
  15:00 Dwayne Miller Making the Molecular Movie: The Chemists'Gedanken Experiment Enters the Lab Frame
  15:35-18:00 Poster session Posters
Thursday 09:30 Molecular dynamics 3  
    Majed Chergui /EPFL Ultrafast X-ray and 2-Dimensional UV studies of molecular and nanosystems
    Kelly Gaffney / PULSE/SLAC Tracking Charge and Spin Dynamics of Molecular Electronic Excited States with X-ray Spectroscopy
    Kristjan Kunnus /HZB Femtosecond RIXS of Fe(CO)5 in ethanol – resolving ultrafast excited state
and ligand substitution dynamics in solution
    Annette Pietsch / HZB Hydrogen bonds in liquids seen by RIXS
    Oleg Kornilow / MBI Molecular dynamics in small molecules studied by wavelength-selected femtosecond XUV pulses
    Jochen Küpper/CFEL/DESY Controlling the motion of large molecules for the investigation of molecular dynamics
  12:35 Lunchtime snacks on-site  
  13:30 Quantum materials 3  
    Alexey Kimel / RUN Femtosecond Control and Dynamics of the Exchange Spin-Spin Interaction
    Andrea Eschenlohr / UEssen Investigating the role of spin-lattice coupling in the ultrafast demagnetization of GdTb alloys
    Björn Frietsch / FUB Ultrafast Magnetization Dynamics of Gadolinium: Towards a Complete Picture
    Roopali Kukreia / SLAC Verwey Transition in Magnetite: How fast does an insulator become a metal?
    Catherine Graves / SLAC Ultrafast emergence of microscopic spin order in GdFeCo
  18:00 - 22:00 Conference dinner on a steam boat  
Friday  09:30-13:00 X-ray interactions with matter  
    Jo Stöhr / LCLS/SLAC Key differences in the interaction of synchrotron and X-FEL x-rays with matter
    Bastian Pfau /TUBerlin Quenching of the resonant x-ray magnetic scattering cross-section by intense FEL pulses
    Martin Beye/HZB Stimulated X-ray emission in the condensed phase
    Simon Schreck / HZB Non-linear effects in x-ray emission of liquid water with ultra-high fluence at LCLS
    Nina Rohringer/CFEL/MPG Stimulated electronic x-ray Raman Scattering at XFEL sources
  12:15 Closing remarks