12-16 September 2016
Magnus-Haus of the German Physical Society
Europe/Berlin timezone
    Monday 9/12
  08:30 Registration
  09:15 Welcome
Session 1 09:30 Molecular dynamics 
    Viewing electrons at work in solar energy conversion  •  Villy Sundström | Lund University
    Biological X-ray spectroscopy combined with crystallography at XFEL  • Junko Yano | LBNL
    Using coherent diffractive imaging techniques to improve the resolution from "poorly diffracting" crystals  •  Kartik Ayyer | DESY
    Coffee break
    Ultrafast surface chemistry and catalysis probed with optical and x-ray lasers  •  Henrik Öström | U Stockholm 
    Opportunities with ultra-sensitive soft X-ray detection  •  Dennis Nordlund | SLAC
    Potentials and limitations of probe-before-destroy soft x-ray spectroscopy on dilute metalo-proteins  metal complexes  •                    Markus Kubin | HZB
  12:30 Lunchtime snacks on-site
Session 2 13:30 Quantum materials 
    Ultrafast spin dynamics and its signature in the electronic structure  •  Martin Weinelt | FUB
    Watching spins move  •  Stefan Eisebitt | TUB
    fs-dynamics in ferroic materials probed with time-resolved X-ray techniques  •  Matteo Savoini | ETH Zürich
    Nanoscale dynamics in complex high temperature superconductors  •  Alessandro Ricci  | DESY
    Coffee break
    X-ray streaking of ultrafast processes at X-ray free electron lasers  •  Jan Lüning | UPMC
    Ultrafast magnetism: The pathways of angular momentum  •  Yves Acremann | ETH Zürich
    Non-equilibrium dynamics of complex materials  •  Uwe Bovensiepen | U Duisburg-Essen
Social event 18:00 Welcome reception at the TV Tower 
    Tuesday 09/13
Session 3 09:30 Molecular dynamics 
    Making and breaking bonds: New insights into catalytic processes using advanced X-ray spectroscopic approaches •               Serena DeBeer | MPG CEC
    Excited state density-functional methods for time-resolved X-ray spectroscopies  •  Das Pemmaraju | LBNL
    Transient states of photo-excited polynuclear transion-metal complexes  •  Nils Huse | U Hamburg
    Coffee break
    Ab initio simulations of the pH dependence in RIXS spectra of thiopyridone in aqueous solution  •  Jesper Norell | U Stockholm
    Probing electron delocalization dynamics on molecular excited states with femtosecond X-rays  •                                                Munira Khalil | U Washington
    Site-selective RIXS in histidine: effects of protonation  •   Johannes Niskannen | HZB
  12:30 Lunchtime snacks on-site
Session 4 13:30 Molecular dynamics 
    Disentangling the electronic and nuclear degrees of freedom in molecular dynamics  •  Marcus Gühr | U Potsdam
    From micromolecules’ to macromolecules’ structural dynamics properties  •  Simone Techert | DESY
    Selective gating to vibrational modes through resonant X-ray scattering  •  Rafael Carvalho Couto | KTH
    Coffee break
    Triangulating intersections between electronic excited states with simultaneous ultrafast X-ray scattering and spectroscopy •   Kelly Gaffney | SLAC
    Strongly aligned and oriented molecules for internal dynamics studies  •  Sebastian Trippel | DESY
    Photophysics of controlled gas-phase molecules and clusters  •  Thomas Kierspel | DESY
    Electron and Exciton Dynamics in Sexithiophene on Au(111)  •  Cornelius Gahl | FU Berlin
    Wednesday 09/14
Session 5 09:30 X-ray matter interaction / Quantum materials 
    X-ray-driven dynamics and extreme states of matter  •  Robin Santra | DESY  - U Hamburg
    Sub-picosecond energy transfer from a highly intense and ultrashort THz pulse  •  Pankaj K. Mishra | DESY
    Simulations of dynamical effects in core-level spectra in solution  •  Michael Odelius |U Stockholm
    Coffee break
    Photoinduced transient band gap enhancement in the excitonic insulator Ta2NiSe5  •  Julia Stähler | FHI MPG
    Expanding material possibilities: Soft X-ray transmission imaging for samples grown on crystalline substrates • Manuel Fohler | HZB
    Ultrafast x-ray diffraction as a real time probe for energy transferand phase transition  •  Alexander von Reppert | U Potsdam
  12:30 Lunchtime snacks on-site
  13:30 Ultrafast and energy-efficient spin manipulation: antiferromagnetism beats ferromagnetism  •  Nele Thielemann-Kühn | HZB
    Photo-induced transient magnetic gratings for the study of spin diffusion phenomena  •  David Weder | TUB
    Ultrafast Structural Dynamics of the Fe-Pnictide Parent Compound BaFe2As2  •  Laurenz Rettig | FHI MPG
Social event 15:00 Explore Berlin - guided tours of the "Neue Museum"
    Thursday 09/15
Session 6 09:30 X-ray interaction with matter 
    Relaxation dynamics after deep inner shell excitation of isolated atoms and molecules  •  Marc Simon | UPMC
    Ultrafast electronic and nuclear dynamics induced by intense XFEL radiation  •  Kiyoshi Ueda | U Tohoku 
    Coffee break
    Attosecond interferometry with self-amplified spontaneous emission of a free-electron laser  •  Tim Laarmann | DESY
    Single-shot coherent diffractive imaging of isolated nanoparticles with high-harmonic generation XUV pulses • Daniela Rupp | TUB
    Selective driving of surface catalysis by femtosecond soft X-ray pulses  •  Simon Schreck | HZB
  12:00 Lunchtime snacks on-site
Session 7 13:00 Quantum materials 
    Entanglement of locally orthogonal quasi-degenerate electronic manifolds at a common Fermi energy -                                                   a recipe for high temperature superconductivity?  •  Itai Panas | U Chalmers 
    Unraveling topological properties of spintronic materials using polarized x-rays  •  Shawran Mishra | U Amsterdam
    Resonant x-ray emission spectroscopy with x-ray standing wave excitation  •  Simo Huotari | U Helsinki
    Disentangling Lattice and Magnetic Dynamics in Antiferromagnetic EuTe  •  Daniel Schick | HZB
    Coffee break
    Navigating complex reaction landscapes using quantum dynamics as a guide  •  Adam Kirrander | U Edinburgh
    Ultra-high resolution RIXS: recent results with synchrotron and perspectives with XFEL sources • Giacomo Ghiringhelli | Politecnico Milano
Postersession 16:00 Poster session with Poster introduction by each presenter 
Social event 19:00 Conference dinner at Gendarmerie
    Friday 09/16
Session 8 09:30 Modern X-ray sources
    X-ray free electron lasers - past, present & future  •  Evgeny Saldin | DESY
    BESSY VSR - adding advanced timing capabilities to storage rings  •  Andreas Jankowiak | HZB
    Coffee break
Session 9 11:00 Nonlinear X-ray interactions with matter 
    FERMI based multi-wave experiments  •  Claudio Masciovecchio | Elettra
    Stimulated x-ray emission and inelastic x-ray scattering at XFELs  •  Nina Rohringer | MPSD
    Resonant nonlinear effects in soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy with an X-FEL  •  Daniel Higley | SLAC
    Nonlinear x-ray wave mixing from x-ray tubes to free electron lasers  •  Sharon Shwartz | U Bar-Ilan
  13:00 Closing remarks