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06/07/2016 - General News
HZB/BESSY Shutdown

Dear customers,

This weekend all devices at our facility powering down for every year electrical checkup. So dont be surprised that indico will shutdown at Friday, 2016-07-08 14:00.

Will be back soon as possible on Tuesday, 2016-07-12.

Yours sincerely
26/05/2016 - Bug fixes
Module Upcoming events
Fixed upcoming events problem.

Searching for Room Booking problem, hopefully fixed.
26/05/2016 - Bug fixes
Fixes after Security/Safety shutdown.

Hope the system runs quiet well. Indico needed new server.

  • New OS Version
  • Migration old system to new server
  • Change SSL Certificates to a secure one
  • Fixed Access from outside
  • pyPDF Problem
18/06/2012 - General News
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